Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Communicator - The return of Planet X - Part 6

Alura gives Zephour some information

“What’ll it be?” the barman groaned. He was unshaven with dark, greasy hair. Zep looked him up and down taking in what was presented before him. This was the explorer, the greatest vessel ever built and responsible for establishing communication throughout the multiverse, and this guy disrespects it with his mannerism. Zep remembers seeing clips as a young boy of the famous explorer. Huge bulletin boards displayed holograms of the Explorer and its crew, all with huge smiling faces standing proud on the flight deck in their perfect uniforms. Zep knew it was propaganda but it still intrigued him. He wanted to get on the explorer one day and wear the uniform.
“I will have whatever is coldest,” Zep said to the barmen without looking at him. He was more concerned with a group of men sat around a table in a dimly lit corner involved in a very intense conversation. He missed his drink earlier. Altazar got caught up so had to cancel. He was sorry he didn’t get a chance to talk to him before he met Alura in the lounge. She wasn’t there yet, but that was fine, he had his eye on the guys who had now made it very clear their meeting there was not a simple social. Something was up with them.

“You made it.” Alura said sitting in the chair to Zeps left, blocking his view of the corner. At the same time the barmen served a tall, cone shaped glass filled with ice and a blue coloured cocktail of sorts. He stared at it for a few seconds, taking in what he was in front of him, casually picking it up. “I’ll have what he is having,” Alura ordered the barmen.

Zep sipped his drink. It was surprisingly tasty, for a ladies drink. “Ok, I’m here. What is it you wanted to tell me?”

“Look Communicator, this mission has been planned for a very long time.’

“Of course, it’s Earths first contact. We have being planning this forever.”

“That’s not what I mean communicator. I mean there are people amongst us that want to hijack the mission to fulfill their own ideas of Earths’ destiny.”

“Ok. So what you are saying is we have a rogue or rebel unit onboard the Explorer? And they want to stop or take over my mission? And Altazar doesn’t know any of this otherwise he would have told me of course. He would tell me the extent of the danger I may be in.”

“You are wrong Communicator. Altazar is aware of their plan.” Alura paused and looked down as if disappointed. “I believe he may be part of it Communicator.”

Zep didn’t hear her immediately. He had noticed behind her that the group of men had now stood up and were going their own ways. His eyes followed them as they walked past him. Four of them, all four wearing Explorer engineering uniforms, all four looked very tough, and in quite a bad mood.

“Dr Williams, you had better make yourself very clear and very quickly too.” The General said.

“General, we have decoded the message we have been receiving and we believe it is a warning to Earth of a great danger to come.”

“Um, Dr, how does this all fit into this so called sonic boom we picked up?” Coty interrupted.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.” Hank Williams said with a rather powerful in control attitude. That was just a decoy if you will. Something to throw the other scientists observing the sky off the signal. Someone would be bound to pick it up eventually. We had to create a diversion while we managed to lock onto the signal and encase it in a code scrambling kind of jacket that would prevent anyone else picking it up. The others will be searching for years for the cause of the sonic boom while we monitor the important message being received and act on it.”

“Quite impressive Dr Williams,” the General said with a smirk.

“Yes, yes General, well let’s get to the message,” Hank Williams opened his briefcase and pulled out a bunch of crumpled papers. Coty helped him spread them out on the table while the rest of them stood up and crowded around the table to get a better view. Fumbling through his notes, Hank looked for specific bit of script. The General gave a sigh as if irritated by his unorganized nature.

“Here, here we go,” Hank said, pulling out one A4 sized piece and unfolding it on the table in front of him. The text on it was very small, with various diagrams on it. He adjusted his glasses and moved in closer. Everyone moved in with him to get a better look.

“Ok, we analysed our recording and found recurrences, at specific intervals. The signal was pulsing in a cylindrical shape, starting at a single point, and then expanding out.  
“It was clear they wanted this signal to be audible on different frequencies, different planes, realms if you will. Like different dimensions,” Hanks’ new cellphone phone rang, breaking the silence that had befallen the room. It was a text message.
“General, we will need to continue this on the way to the lab,” Hank said, picking up his bits and pieces in front of him.

“Yes, of course,” The General muttered as if trying to compose himself. ‘I will arrange the transportation, and Dr Williams, I hope to God you know what you are doing here?”

“Me too General, Me too.”

 “What do you mean he knows?” I’m sorry Alura but I struggle to believe that Altazar would keep anything from me, never mind being part of some rebel sect!”

“I don’t believe he intends to keep it from you Communicator, in fact I believe he will attempt to recruit you.”

Zep was totally thrown off now, looking at her with disbelief. “Aaaaah, I don’t …”,

”Look communicator,” Alura interrupted,” We don’t have too much time. Altazar will try and recruit you. Take this,” she handed him a small audio chip, “listen to this before you see Altazar. This is important Communicator! You must listen to this BEFORE you see him,” she raised her voice suddenly and then realizing she was attracting unnecessary attention, lowered her head and spoke softly. “Please Communicator, just promise me you will listen to this, please?”

Zep was still looking at her confused. “Alright, I will listen to this before,” he emphasized candidly,” before I see Altazar again.”

Alura got up and left the bar. Zep was left wondering now. He looked at the remnants of his blue cocktail….stirred it a bit then slurped down the last drop……,”Another one,” he called to the barman. Zep had some things to think about.

Next: Where is the General taking them and what will Zep find on the device?
Please follow me to see what happens next.

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