Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Communicator - The return of Planet X - Part 7

Geoff downloads the data.

Sitting in the dimly lit room, Father Mario Delgado was watching the morning news broadcast on TV. The presenter was talking about the sonic boom that was now on all the radio and TV stations. Father Delgado took the remote and switched the TV off. The room was now still quite dark, with the thick velvet curtains still closed. He went up and opened them to reveal the mornings sunrise through the large window pains that covered almost the entire wall. The sun shone through, adding colour to the dull room. He stared out the window for a second, absorbing the energy of the morning sun, hands behind his back. He had been alerted 3 days ago via an encoded message that an Alien signal was being received from Space. He thought about the sonic boom cover up and wondered how long they would be able to keep the truth hidden, and if it was necessary for it to even be revealed.
After a few minutes he walked over to a small brown wooden box that was sat upon a table in the corner of the room. Around his neck was a chain with a key on it. He took the key out and looked at it for a while. He knew that one day this key would need to open that box, but he never dreamed it would be him to do it. Generations had protected this key, some giving their lives to do so. The key was 1200 years old and so was the box. It was not to be opened until the day came when earth would be faced with a phenomenal change. Father Delgado thought about it for a second. Then, making the decision that would change the world as we knew it, he inserted the key and turned. The box clicked open.

Walking at a fast pace down the passageway, just behind the General and Hank Williams, Coty still carried a confused face. Something just didn’t seem right. Either Hank was keeping something from them all or the General had a secret. Hanks phone bleeped again. This time no one was really paying attention except for Coty. Hank took his phone out, looked at the message and then very suspiciously looked around to see who had witnessed him receiving the message before putting it back into his pocket. Coty was really good with his instincts, and this time it was stronger than ever. Something was up and it bothered him. Coty noticed Geoff sat at his desk typing away at his pc. He wondered to himself for a second, whether Geoff could help or not. He had no choice. Falling behind the rest he found a gap to dart into Geoff’s cubicle.

“Coty, what’s going on? All the high profile people walking around?” Geoff asked.
‘No time now, I need you to do something for me. I need you to focus our Delta 7 radar to these co ordinates in space,” Coty hurriedly wrote them down on a piece of scrap paper, handing it to Geoff. Looking a bit confused, Geoff responded, “Coty, these co ordinates….they are…..,” Yes, yes I know what they are for, but for now, no questions. Just focus the radar and start recording the signal that you will receive. Look for a signal in the frequency of 1420 MHz, allowing for a 2% margin either side. Whatever you find just record it. I will explain later.” Geoff seemed quite uneasy but looking into Coty’s eye’s he knew there was something very serious about all of this. “Has this got to do with that boom in space?” Geoff asked. “Yes, but not exactly,” Coty whispered softly, glancing around the office to see who may or may not be listening to him. “Look, I will explain later, for now just record whatever you can from these co ordinates. I will call you later. Oh and Geoff, keep this to yourself for now. There is far more to this than we know and for now I don’t know who we can trust.”

Zep was reading through the AI manual in his room. Most of it was straight forward information he had already learnt in the academy, so he skipped through it. He couldn’t concentrate anyway. There was too much going through his mind. His eye caught a glimpse of the audio device next to his bed. Throwing the manual down he picked it up and looked it over, as if he had not seen one of them before. He was however familiar with these kind of devices. Simple, yet suitable, they could carry huge amounts of data on them. He walked on over to the desk in the corner of the room, right next to his window with a glorious view of earth. He stared out at the blue planet for a bit before concentrating on the device. Pushing two buttons one after the other, a media player emerged from the side of the table. He slipped the device into the side of the player and selected play and then went back to look out the window while listening. “Communicator, what I am about to tell you is vital to the survival of the human race.” Alura started. “Please listen carefully.”

Geoff logged on to the radar management software they had installed on their pc’s. A list of radars came up. He scrolled down until he got to the Delta range and clicked on no 7. An information box popped up showing the radars current co ordinates along with data at the bottom that was constantly recording and scrolling as new data was recorded.
He clicked on the top left button which read, “Co-ordinates”. A prompt screen popped up. He typed in the co ordinates given to him and hit enter. The data being displayed disappears and the software starts realigning the radar. A progress bar is being shown on the bottom of the screen. 20% - 25% - 30% - 35%........

”Geoff,” he was shocked out of his daze. “You coming to the Turtle tonight? Angie is singing open mic night and this you gotta see man,”

Eddie gave him such a fright he almost fell off his chair.

“Geez man, you ok?” Eddie asked concerned.

“Yes, yes……I’m ok. Just a bit tired. Late night last night.”

“So? You gonna make it to the turtle or what? They have a drinks special,” he said enticingly.

“No mate, I think you can count me out on this one. Maybe next time,” Geoff said as if trying to hurry his colleague along.

“Alright then, but you’re the one missing out,” Eddie said walking away humming to The Cranberries ‘Zombie’.

Geoff concentrated on his screen again. 90% - 95% - 100%. The radar was in position, as Coty had requested. He clicked on the frequency button and typed in the frequency to observe.  The progress bar popped up again, this time faster. 90% - 95% - 100%.

There was a brief pause and then suddenly the data started scrolling on the bottom of the screen as the radar picked it up. Geoff sat and stared in disbelief for a moment, before realizing he had not started to record. He clicked record.

As the data was coming in, he became more bewildered. The sweat on his brow ran into his eye’s burning them. He wiped it away with his shirt sleeve and sat back in his chair, staring as if he had just seen a ghost.

“Zep, it’s me, Altazar. If you are listening to this then I am probably dead.” Zep was completely caught off guard. He walked over to the desk where the audio device was installed and stared at it in shock.
“Zep, you being chosen for this earth mission was not by accident. It was the only way I could get you to the explorer without drawing to much attention. It’s already too late for me, and you are the only one I can trust. You need to listen to me very carefully Zep. Trust no one!”

Next: How will Zep deal with what he has just heard and where is the General taking them?

Please follow me to see what happens next.

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