Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Communicator - The return of Planet X - Part 8

Zephour learns about the Annunaki

The shock was too much for him. Zep had to sit on his bed, still staring at the media player.

“I know you are probably very confused right now, but if you allow me to explain maybe things will become clear.” Altazar’s voice continued.

“Today’s Earth date is June 2nd 1994,”

Zep hurried to his jacket pocket and pulled out the mission card he was given on the Dark Star. He touched his thumb to the bottom right corner switching the device on to display icons. Clicking one it enlarged to show the Earth time he was destined to arrive. May 9th 1995. This message was already an Earth year old.
“About 6 Earth months ago I was alerted to a transmission from one of our bots on Earth that the operator could not explain. Obviously such anomalies are considered classified so I took the recording and deleted all remaining data on the system, including giving the order to terminate the bot. What I discovered was, somehow the bot was receiving a signal from outer space, the Kuiper Belt to be exact, and was re transmitting back to the Explorer. It didn’t make sense, but that’s not what concerned me. What concerned me was who was sending the signal. Zep, it was the Annunaki!”

The General was far too calm about this whole thing. Given his history in the armed service, and the controversy that comes with him, Coty would have expected he would have been trying to beat the message out of Hank Williams by now. After all, Hank just told him Earth was in grave danger. He was far too calm.  
The black Mercedes Benz was now speeding to its’ destination, skipping red traffic lights, right on the tail of the two traffic officers and the one police vehicle in front. Behind them the show was just as colorful. Coty was impressed with how quickly the General managed to rally the troops. It gave him a sense of calm in the wave of earth being in danger. Maybe there are people out there that will be able to get us through whatever it is we are faced with.
The lab was situated just at the foot of Table Mountain in Vredehoek. It was in fact at the back of Hanks house. He was initially only contracted to lecture at UCT for a short time on a specific subject, but eventually was taken on permanently. It suited him just well. He loved the city he lived in and the culture it came with so when the opportunity came he took it. 15 Years he has lived there. Not always alone.

“Here, this way Gentlemen.” Hank walked on in front gesturing for them to follow him. It was now only Hank, Coty, the General and a government representative who was also far to calm and didn’t provide much input. He only listened. 
Nick chose to stay at the research centre back in town. It was kind of a sudden decision he made, just suddenly realizing he had other things to follow up with and would meet us there.
Hanks garden was well pruned and bright. He didn’t seem to pay much attention to his surroundings as they walked across the stone path to the side of the house and down to the back, tall trees protecting them. At the end was a simple door with only one blacked out window to its’ left. Hank opened it up to reveal his lab.

“Gentlemen, I will ask you not to touch anything please. We have very sensitive materials here.”
The General nosed around. There were computers everywhere, all interlinked by lengths of all different kinds of cables.
“You have a license for all of this stuff?” the General piped up with an air of seniority in his voice.
“General, I built most of these things. The Government has no clue what they even are, how would you have me license it?”
Hank had won that battle, but the war was far from over. It was apparent in the Generals face.
Sat engrossed in his computer screen was Hanks long time research assistant, John Maku. John was of Asian decent but was born in Cape Town. He had been Hanks right hand man since the lab was built.
John introduced himself to everyone, in a very shy humble manner.
“Right Dr Williams, can we now get to the message please,” the General said anxiously.

“I know, it probably sounds ludicrous, that’s what I thought too,” Altazar continued. ”But it’s absolutely real. They are transmitting to a beacon on Earth that was left there a very long time ago. The signal was supposed to be picked up by Earthlings it seems. It was like they were sending a warning of their intended return to Earth. Look, it took a long time for me to decode this, and I may have made a few errors here and there, it’s an ancient earthling language. Generally the message read, Humans prepare for the return of your Superiors, the time for the Annunaki to return to rule Earth has come!”

“General, the signal is being transmitted to a beacon, right here on Table Mountain. Well, behind, between the Apostles. We have our own radars up there very close by which is why we picked it up. The message seems to be intended for humans to receive. It’s a warning of the return of a superior alien race who wants to reclaim earth as their own!”
“Well, my translation may be off slightly, but we have run it through over and over again and it comes up with the same result. It’s Sumerian!”

“Zep, I can’t get into a whole history lesson about this right now but basically we have to stop them from returning to Earth and enslaving mankind again.”

Zep was still wondering about Altazar being dead. He composed himself and listened intently.

“The Annunaki have infiltrated the Explorer Zep. I found this out only a few weeks ago. They know I know about them, which is why it’s probably too late for me now. I need you to do this!”

Zep was completely overwhelmed now. He had left the Dark Star only just recently to come to Earth and make first contact, and now he finds himself involved in a planetary invasion, and from the Annunaki of all races! They were known to be of the most terrifying species in the Galaxy, but as far as Zep was concerned the Galactic Federation had banished them to the outer reaches, never to return. Why where they back and what where they up to?

“I take it Alura has already caught your eye?” Altazar said with a boyish giggle. Well you can trust her for now. Zep, she is AI.

“What? Oh man, com on!” Zep wasn’t happy about that. Yes, she had caught his eye, and yes he had every intension of pursuing her once he returned from his mission.
“AI?, You have to be kidding me?”

“Keep going Dr,” the General said.

Grabbing a book from under a pile of notes and bits of paper, Hank continued. “Well it is widely known that there are stories of the ancient Sumerians having been in contact with an alien race called the ‘Annunaki’. They were an evil reptile race that enslaved man to do their bidding. There are also theories that they interfered with human DNA. General, if my theories are correct, and I believe they are, then they are the ones who want to return to earth!”

Next: How is Zep going to deal with the new information he has recieved and what will Earths scientists do about the Annunaki's return?

Please follow me to see what happens next.

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