Friday, 25 November 2011

The Communicator - The return of Planet X - Part 9

Geoff records the signal but someone knows!!

Geoff was still quite overwhelmed by what he was watching. The signal itself made him feel paranoid. Combined with what Coty had said, he was now very nervous. He had to act quickly and be quiet about it too. He inserted a cd into his pc and started copying the data he had just recorded. It was processing far too slow for his liking. By now Geoff was really nervous, glancing every so often over his shoulder across the room to see if anyone was watching him. The cd finished copying. He thought for a minute, trying to use his initiative. He would make the right decision and act on it. He grabbed the cd and put it into a brown envelope and slipping it into his bag. He had to rush now. Paranoid as ever he glanced around the office to make sure no one was watching him as made his way to the lifts.  

Jennifer was running late. She pulled into the underground car park just after 2pm after having lost track of time while enjoying lunch with her sister. She was in a bit of a rush to get back to the office. After the mornings’ events, she felt she had to be there. She had just parked and was busy getting her belongings together when she heard a noise. She looked towards the lifts just as Geoff was exiting them in a rush. He looked anxious and afraid. Jennifer watched as he made his way towards his car, rushing to get there and looking very nervous. Jen was curious. She could see Geoff by the driver side door of his car, searching for his keys in his pockets to no avail. She noticed a sudden look of fear on Geoffs’ face. He was looking at someone, talking to someone. He was afraid, that was apparent. He held his right hand up as if to stop something coming towards him. His hands were not good enough. Jennifer watched as a dark figure leaped out of the shadows to attack Geoff and wrap a rope of some sorts around his neck. She cupped her mouth with her hand, wanting to scream out but froze with fear. Tears welled in her eyes’ as she watched Geoff being strangled to death. He struggled to free himself, a brown envelope tightly in his clasp, unaware of who his assailant was, choking him from behind. Jennifer watched as Geoffs’ spectacles fell from his face as his cheeks slowly became blushed and the life faded from his eyes’ as they closed. She stopped herself from screaming, fearing that she will be next if the assailant heard her, tears running down her cheeks.  He stopped struggling. His limp body dropped to the floor. Geoff was dead. His assailant calmly picked up the brown envelope and put it into his inside jacket pocket. He then picked up Geoff’s body and shoved it into the back seat of his car. Just as the attacker looked up Jennifer recognized him. It was Nick, the director of astronomy. He did not see her.

“Knowing you the way I do Zep, there is probably a huge amount of disappointment on your face right now.”
Altazar knew his friend well, the player he was. It had been a while since Zep had a romantic encounter and meeting Alura seemed to present an opportunity to change that.
“Zep, Earth needs you now. This mission is no longer about first contact, it is about the preservation of the human race on Earth and mother Earth herself.” The seriousness of the situation finally sunk in. Altazar explained and Zep listened intently.

The General didn’t seem too interested in the fact that the message received was Sumerian. It was almost as if he knew that already.
“Right Dr, I think we have heard enough. Is there anything else, anything at all that you want to tell me?” the General asked Hank.
Hank was taken aback? He looked at the General and the government official with a concerned glance. He suddenly felt uncomfortable with them there. As far as Hank was concerned he was the first and only person to have identified and translated the signal yet the General handled it as if he was completely aware of it.
“No General, that’s all I know,” Hank said reservedly with a worried look on his face, glancing back and forward between the two men.
For the first time the government official spoke.
“Dr Williams, I’m sure you can appreciate the seriousness of this and the need to keep this quiet for now?
Hank wasn’t sure about that.
“Sir this is about Earth being invaded and you want it to be kept quiet?”
“Dr, if this were to be leaked to the general public we could expect chaos. Rioting, looting, mass suicides. There are people out there with some very strong, strange beliefs Dr. It is not in our nations, or Earths best interest to reveal this right now. All will be revealed in good time.”
“Yes, yes of course,” Hank said but he did not mean it.
Coty watched and listened in the background.

Jennifer was in complete shock. She sat frozen in her car seat as she watched Nick look around the car park before heading to the lifts. She did her best to remain as quiet as possible. As the lift doors closed on Nick she gasped and started crying uncontrollably. What had just happened? What was she to do? After seeing that, she couldn’t go back upstairs. What if Nick had seen her? Would she be next? What the hell was going on? She had to get out of the car park and quick.

Zep walked down the passageway towards his digs. He was now well informed and prepared. Altazar had explained everything, so he knew what he had to do. Just as he rounded the corner he bumped into Altazar, who he now knew was not in fact Altazar. Zep froze, not showing his usual enthusiasm to seeing his buddy, but rather a reserved kind of expression.
“Zep, you look  like you have seen a ghost?” Altazar said.
Zep paused for a second, still showing a worried look on his face, then suddenly changed and smiled.
“No No Altazar, I just have my mind on this mission. I want to get it done now.”
Zep changed the conversation.
“Come old friend. Let’s get that drink we missed out on earlier”
Altazar staired at him for a second with a very serious face, and then backed off.
“Yes, of course Zep, I could use a drink right now.”

Father Delgado walked down the aisle of St Mary’s cathedral at a fast pace. He was focused on his responsibility. Even though he was in his own church, he still glanced around to see if there was anyone around. The church was empty. He stepped out of the church’s main entrance and glanced over to the South African parliament to his left. He considered for a moment how insignificant the current government would be in the coming changes. Like the world over, South Africa had its’ own political issues but it was irrelevant now. The new world order was at hand.

Next: What secret was Father Delgado protecting and what is Zep's next step?

Please follow me to see what happens next.

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